We can’t avoid that community means seeking unity, as it’s right there at the end of the word. For us, that means bringing together people from different cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs. So let’s tackle that challenge head-on by making our organizations better so we can better serve our communities.



No matter where we are, there are broken systems in place, and we need to get to the bottom of the “why” question. We’ll all learn about how our systems affect people differently. Once we know the problem, we can address it.



A great organization starts from within.

And in order to serve the community, we need to be healthy within our own walls. We’ll help improve processes to make everyone live and work better.



Being in community is what you do best!

We’ll give you some more tools and connections to develop deep relationships with those around you, make you and the community around you better for it.

Jay English is engaging, humorous and real to life. It's like talking to a friend with something important to say. He always provides great insight."
-Shana Washington
(Founder, Social Butterflii)