Cross-cultural leadership coaching

We will help your organization navigate diversity and engage cultural differences to create an environment where everyone is welcome and able to succeed.

Jay’s warmth and humor easily build bridges toward difficult discussions around race and inclusion.

– Laurie & Gary Hendrickson, Co-Presidents, BASICS in MKE

Our differences are what make us the Body of Christ, and we can help your group celebrate cultural differences while also boldly and effectively seeking justice and unity in the Kingdom of God. 

Jay English will draw you in immediately with his vibrant personality, practical approach, transparency, and his infectious laughter! You feel like you’re sitting down with an old friend for a cup of coffee.

– Greg Washington
Teaching Pastor, Life Church

As leaders in the community, you have a unique impact on the people around you. We can equip you with the tools to engage with racial and cultural issues as they come up, or even better, when you proactively address them head-on.

Jay English is engaging, humorous and real to life. It’s like talking to a friend with something important to say. He always provides great insight.

– Shana Washington
(Founder, Social Butterflii)

Cross-Cultural Literacy Sessions

Our sessions are designed to spark conversation, introspection, and even laughter. Our participants have often said that our structure helps break down complex issues into simple, accessible information that they can remember and apply to their lives. Let’s dig in and learn together!


Find out just how how deep the rabbit hole goes as we learn about the impact of cultural bias, and determine if your organization is looking for assimilation or true integration. We will discuss how the history we have been taught plays a role in the issues we face today. You will also leave with a list of resources that will provide you with additional perspective on race relations in America.

  • Recognizing Cultural Bias
  • The Role of Historically Inaccurate Education
  • Assimilation vs. Integration
  • Recommended Resources

Here, we’ll dive into communication styles and differences across cultures. You can then be aware of them as you engage with those who may live and work in the same spaces but speak a very different cultural “language” than your own.

  • Who Gets To Decide What Proper English Is?
  • African American Vernacular English
  • Code Switching For Beginners
  • Body Language & Communication Styles
  • Passion vs. Aggression

Let’s talk about some of the cultural landmines that continue keeping people from coming together due to a lack of knowledge and understanding. The topics here address the top four questions/topics that consistently come up in Jay’s conversations around race, culture and diversity.

  • All Lives Matter
  • What About Black On Black Crime?
  • Doesn’t Racism Work Both Ways?
  • I Don’t Know What To Say

If you’re ready to begin actively bridging the cultural divide, this working session will examine the construction of a suspension bridge to reveal the four practical steps you can take to start making a difference right where you are.

  • Examining the Water
  • Sending the Pilot Line
  • Constructing the Deck
  • Teaching Others

For those who want to lead or create strong, healthy multi-cultural environments themselves. Here, Jay reveals the tips and tricks he has learned along the way that have allowed him to consistently succeed at bringing people of various cultural backgrounds together to reach common goals.

  • Prove That You Care
  • Recognizing Traits of Individualism
  • The Tragedy of Racial Illiteracy
  • Help Me Remove My Mask


Our founder, Jay, is known for his energy, witty sense of humor, and ability to break down complex topics into practical pieces. Throughout his career in Human Resources, Sales, Training & Marketing and serving as a Pastor in the inner-city of Milwaukee, Jay brings over 20 years of cross-cultural experience and an infectious enthusiasm to every session that he teaches.