Cross Cultural Literacy

What Is Cross-Cultural Literacy?

I had someone say that they had never actually heard the phrase “Cross-Cultural Literacy” before and wanted to get a better understanding of what the phrase meant. So, let me take a few minutes to explain what it is that I’m doing, and why I feel that this phrase explains it best.



Cross-Cultural LiteracyObviously, literacy is something that’s very important for all of us. Being able to read, being able to understand and being able to comprehend are three major components of Education.  We understand that any child who cannot read at a 4th grade level by the 4th grade has somewhere around a 65% probability of ending up in prison or on welfare at some point in their adult lives.

We also know that 85 percent of all juveniles who interface with the juvenile court system are functionally low literate. This basically means that a person’s ability to recognize, read & comprehend words is going to be one of the primary determining factors that will dictate the level of success that person will achieve in their lifetime.

As important as this is in the world of education, I think it is just as important in the world of cultural relations.  When it comes to navigating multi-cultural environments, a person’s level of ability in recognizing, reading & comprehending the cultural languages of those around them is going to help determine the level of success they will be able to achieve while serving, or working alongside, those of different cultural backgrounds at any specific location.

In regard to what I’m doing through my non-profit, I believe that to truly increase our Cultural Literacy, we have to be willing to take the time to learn how to better understand each other. We have to be willing to learn about some of the nuances that are present in the foundation of cultures that may be different than the one we grew up in. We also have to be willing to address some of the very real experiences & tragedies that have been conveniently left out of our nation’s History books.

To keep it all the way real, so much of our divide is simply based on ignorance. It is based on what I don’t know about you, what you may not know about me and what neither one of us knows about each other.



It is with this in mind that I’m out here teaching Cross-Cultural Literacy Sessions to help people become more literate in navigating different cultures. My goal is to help people better understand how to interact with the various cultures around them so that they can come together with less frustration and become an even better version of themselves.

My goal is to help people understand that on my side of the block we might talk a little louder than the people who live on your side. However, over here on my side, we’re not being confrontational. We’re not angry or about to become violent. The answer is much simpler: this is just how we talk.

A better understanding of something as simple as this can allow someone from a different “normal” to no longer feel fearful, or see certain people as being aggressive. Instead, they will realize that there are cultural differences which exists in speaking volumes and then be able to adapt their physical response accordingly. If this issue can exist in something as simple as volume of voices, how many other area may there be where there could be similar issues?

We believe cultural literacy is an issue of both the mind and the heart. That is why my sessions are designed to spark conversation, introspection, and even laughter. In addition to this, those who have participated have said these teachings helped break down complex issues into simple, accessible information that anyone can remember and apply to their lives.

So, if this sounds like something that would be of interest to you, or your organization, take a look at the sessions we have available & please send a message through our GET IN TOUCH page.  I truly look forward to working together with you in the future!

Cross-Cultural Literacy


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